Mothers’ Day Outings For The Mother- Daughter Duo

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Most people get gifts for their mothers on Mothers’ Day and that is a wonderful way of showing them your appreciation for the way they took care of you. But instead of always giving them a gift, why not do something different this time? Here are some suggestions for Mother- Daughter outings that you can do on Mothers’ Day:

Go Out For a Fancy Meal

Go out and have dinner, just the two of you. Book a really high- end place, tell your mother to dress up, and take her out for a night on the town. Maybe you could squeeze in a movie or a show beforehand. Either way, make her feel special by ordering a vintage wine, or some champagne, and let her have first pick of the menu. Basically, treat her as an honoured guest, which she is, on this night. Or if your mother is more of a laid- back person who doesn’t like dressing up, take her to a good pizza place or an old- fashioned diner and get a heaping plate full of simple, filling food. Failing that, there’s always high tea at a cafe or lounge. Many hotels also do afternoon tea. All you have to do is make a prior booking.

Go Out and Get Pampered

Instead of the local hairdresser she goes to, take her to an expensive hair salon in Williamstown for massages, a shampoo and a sexy cut that suits her. Book a double appointment to double the fun.
You can have manicures and pedicures done at the hair salon too, and facials and other skin treatments. Or book a spa day and just lounge around in warm water or a mud bath and let the masseuse take care of the two of you with their able hands. Remember that the point of the day is to relax, so take some soothing music, and make sure that your mother doesn’t worry about anything during the day. Finish it off with a round of virgin mojitos by a pool or beach somewhere and your Mothers’ Day outing will be perfecto. Click this link for further information regarding wedding hair stylist.

Go Out on an Adventure

If a splash of the pool won’t cut it for you, then take a mini- vacation around Mothers’ Day and bring your mother along! There are cruises you can take over an extended weekend, or tour packages for countries abroad that you can explore. Or if you like retail therapy, blow some cash on a shopping spree. The goal here is to feel carefree and on top of the world, so dine at trendy cafes, go shopping in exciting boutiques and experience something together that you haven’t before. If going away isn’t possible, book yourselves in a hotel for a couple of days and chill out – it’s a guarantee that your mother will love the idea of not being responsible for a house for a few days.